Meet the Gang!

Meet the Gang!

The families of characters in our new book “You’re Not a Real Parent Until…” were not designed to be your average cookie-cutter 1950s nuclear family.

There are as many ways to parent a child as there are stars in the sky, so we very deliberately worked to try and reflect the vast variety of parenting backgrounds that exist in the modern-day. We felt that the characters we wanted to show in the book would have to be encountering all the same kinds of tribulations while remaining as different as possible if they were going to be… well, real!

Not all parents are married, not all parents are raising their kids with a partner, not all parents come from the same countries, cultures, races, religions, sexual orientations or backgrounds —and they don’t all have the same ideas about how to raise their kids.

The book doesn’t just cover babies: it covers the full lifelong commitment of parenting: from babies to toddlers, tweens, teens and beyond!

We had a lot of fun exploring these dynamics in narrowing down the final 100 jokes in the book from hundreds more. —oh, and they all return for more appearances in the second book, You’re Not A Real Dog-Owner Until…  Coming soon...


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